In an extremely exciting final, the Nick Nickell team defeated the Hemant Lall team by 11 IMPs on the final board of the match. Nickell will be USA1 for the 2019 Bermuda Bowl. Good luck to them in Sanya, and to all the "also rans" there's next year's USBC, which will select USA2 for 2019.

Nickell Team

2018 Nickell Team

Jeff Meckstroth, Nick Nickell, Eric Rodwell, Ralph Katz, "Koach" Eric Kokish,
Bobby Levin, NPC Jill Levin, Steve Weinstein


Lall Team

2018 Lall Team

Kevin Bathurst, Zia Mahmood, Reese Milner, Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczola, Justin Lall, Hemant Lall