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Hallerman-McNally System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
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Raphael Hallerman
Raphael Hallerman
Hi, I'm Raphael Hallerman, a senior at the University of Chicago studying computer science and economics. I learned bridge from my grandmother when I was 18, and we both regret it (I regret not having learned sooner, she regrets that now it's all I ever want to talk about). Sean has been my partner since close to the beginning, and we've been lucky to have some great mentors along the way thanks to the junior training program.
When I'm not doing schoolwork or playing bridge, you can probably find me tap dancing, being with the Jewish community, or thinking about some algorithm. Very excited for my first JUSBC!
Sean McNally
Gan Yang 
Gan Yang
Gan Yang, hailing from Singapore, is currently a Mathematics major at Carnegie Mellon University. Ever since he was introduced to the game when he was 16, he was captured by the depth and complexity of bridge and has been addicted ever since. Most notably, he threw out his textbooks from his shelf to make space for Hugh Kelsey's masterpieces halfway through high school. 
Since then (2016), he has played for Singapore in the World Youth Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore and Wujiang, the White House Juniors Invitationals, as well as various regional competitions in Southeast Asia. He has also been heavily involved with other aspects of the bridge community, including helping out at the 52nd Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Championships, becoming a certified director in Singapore and starting a bridge club along with Brent Xiao and Shaowu, his fellow USBF friends at Carnegie Mellon University.
He loves playing good bridge, but more so than that, he loves creative bridge, and is always on the lookout for new enterprising tactics in the game. 
Shaowu Li 
Tak Chun Wong