Assuming no more teams enter, the 2019 USBC Round Robin will be a 2-day complete Round Robin, with 7 board matches, scored using the USBF 7 board Victory Point scale. The Round Robin schedule is set forth on the Tournament Schedule page.

Table Assigments

Each team will have a "home" table for the entire Round Robin. You will be NS at your home table. Your NS pair must remain at your home table for all of matches 13-15 and can't wander around. Your EW [air will play at your opponent's home table each round.

Score Submission

After each match, you must turn in a form showing your score (in IMPs) for the match; please enter the IMPs for each team, not the net IMPs. If you have time to confirm the score with your opponent before submitting it, please do so, but if you don't have time, turn the score in anyway. The score submission form also has a box to use to enter your lineup. If you do not put anything in that box, you have submitted the identical lineup you had for the previous match - the same players are playing in the same seats..

Sequestered Matches

The final 3 matches on Saturday will be sequestered. One pair on your team must play all 3 matches NS at your home table. No score comparison is allowed during the 3-match clump. You may change your EW pair during those matches.

For the first two sequestered matches, the NS pair at each table will be asked to complete a score sheet & have the EW pair verify that it is correct. We will pick up those score sheets and enter the scores into the computer in order to have your scores for those matches completed by the time you finish the third match. Those scores will be posted on a wall in the Players' Break Room. You will be asked to confirm that those scores are correct when you turn in your score for the final match. We hope that this procedure will speed up the determination of which teams have qualified.