In response to concerns about the dates we had scheduled for the Mixed USBC (it overlapped the European Mixed Team event and started on Shavuous, an important Jewish holiday), we have moved the Mixed USBC to May 22-29 starting 2 days after the end of the Open USBC & 1 day after the end of the Women's USBC. The Senior USBC will now start on Friday, May 31st and end on Sunday, June 9th, after one session of play.

We also had the option of moving the Women's USBC to overlap the Seniors instead of the Open. Having polled the women who played in the latest Women's USBC and a few others who asked to vote, we have left the Women's dates for 2019 unchanged - the Women's starts on May 14th, opposite the Open Quarterfinal and ends on May 20th.

We were able to make this change thanks to our DIC, Mckenzie Myers, being willing to work all of the USBCs in a row with only a day off in between, instead of taking a week off and working a Memorial Day Regional and the Schaumburg Hyatt Regency's willingness to be flexible about our dates. Thank you!