You can find lots of information on the RealBridge Kibitzing site. Click on the link, enter your name and "Log In"

You will see a list of currently available events to kibitz and below that a listing of "Session Results"

Click on a JLall Stage to get the Scores. Click on JLall X-IMPs Rounds 1-15 to get the Butler for the first 3 days for all of you Butler addicts. Click on a score to get the scorecard for the match with links to the individual hands. Click on a board number to see results from all of the tables. Click on a result to see the bidding and play at that table. Try clicking on other things to get more information.



Some of the archived data may not be complete. The wonderful people at RealBridge are working on it, but if you don't see all the boards on a scorecard or results from all the tables on the traveler, that's why.