This page has pairings for the Round Robin Second Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the round has started. 


RR2 Round 1

Bitterman vs Donner
Gupta vs Hill
Lo vs Rosenthal
Rasmussen vs Clayton
Sanborn vs Delmonte

RR2 Round 2

Bitterman vs Delmonte
Gupta vs Donner
Lo vs Hill
Rasmussen vs Rosenthal
Sanborn vs Clayton

RR2 Round 3

Bitterman vs Hill
Gupta vs Rosenthal
Lo vs Clayton
Rasmussen vs Delmonte
Sanborn vs Donner 

RR2 Round 4

Bitterman vs Rosenthal
Gupta vs Clayton
Lo vs Delmonte
Rasmussen vs Donner
Sanborn vs Hill 

RR2 Round 5

Bitterman vs Clayton
Gupta vs Delmonte
Lo vs Donner
Rasmussen vs Hill
Sanborn vs Rosenthal