The USBF Board has decided to hold the face to face stages of the 2022 Junior USBC and the 2023 USBCs using LoveBridge. Given the positive response in 2021 and 2022, the USBF foresees using an electronic environment for a minimum of another year. We will be working with LoveBridge to solve some of the problems players have encountered, and welcome your suggestions for improvements.

Some things we have already done are:

  • Arranged for the hotel to provide larger, taller tables in all of the playing rooms.
  • Arranged for LoveBridge to improve the method of entering explanations, including developing a method for players to save frequently used explanations so they can just click once to repeat an explanation.
  • Started to explore the use of Chromebooks instead of tablets. If that is not possible, we will have external keyboards and mice for all players.
  • Started work on a revision of the Time sections of the General Conditions of Contest to clarify the use of electronic timing. We may ask LoveBridge to change some of the details of time-keeping, probably allowing some time to be "neutral," not assigned to either pair.