Board 8
Vul: None
Dealer: West

North (Bernace De Young)
S  A 9 8 5 2
H  A J 6
D  Q 5
C  J 6 4


West (Pam Wittes)

S  J 3
H  K Q T 9 5 4 3
D  6 2
C  3 2

East (Ljudmila Kamenova)

S  K Q T 7 4
H  8 7 2
D  A 3
C  9 8 5

  South (Irina Kisllitsyna)
S  6
H  ---
D  K J T 9 8 7 4
C  A K Q T 7


The auction was not relevant and not known.

North was the declarer in 6C


Trick 1: SK - 6 - 3 - 9


According to North, the S9 fell out of her hand when she was playing the Ace.

According to East, the S9 was played and as East was turning her card over, North said she had played the wrong card.

The players did not call the director, scored the board as down 1 and continued to play the remaining boards.

NS called the director after play for the segment had concluded.


Table Result: 6CN-1

Director's Ruling: No adjustment, score stands

Relevant Laws: 10A&B, 12A3, 45C2, 48A


Appeals Committee Ruling:

The director presented the facts as she understood them. There was a dispute as to whether the spade ace was actually played. The spade nine was on the table, and there was at least a pause before the declarer said something like “oops”. The players agreed on down one and it was scored.
The committee heard no evidence  which would suggest that we overturn the directors finding of the facts.
The ruling was unanimous.
The players were also reminded that a director should be called immediately in the case of any irregularity.


Appeals Committee

David Berkowitz, Chairman
Eric Rodwell, Member
Kit Woolsey, Member