Play started in the 2017 IMSA Elite Mind Games in Huai'an, China, on Dec. 9th. The event concludes on Dec. 15th. Those dates are in China, which is a day later than in the US. USBF is represented by Open and Women's Teams.

In the team event, the USA Women's team finished third.

Women's Team


NPC David Sokolow, Tobi Sokolow, Joanne Weingold, Janice Seamon, Kerri Sanborn, DIsa Eythorsdottir, Shannon Cappelletti,

Photo by Francesca Canali

Open Team


Brad Moss, Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczola, May Sakr, Justin Lall, Shan Huang, & Kevin Dwyer

Photo by Francesca Canali.

The tournament website has links to information about the event, including results and Daily Bulletins. The IMSA Elite Mind Games will be shown on BBO Vugraph each day. If I've figured out the time difference correctly, BBO coverage starts at 5:30 Pacific time, 8:30 East Coast time.