USA team

                      2017 Hua Yuan team

          Pamela Granovetter, Sylvia Shi, Lynn Deas, Janice Seamon, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina, photo by Daniel Korbel

Janice Seamon-Molson - Lynn Deas, Kerri Sanborn - Irina Levitina, and Sylvia Shi - Pamela Granovetter were invited to compete in the Hua Yuan World Women's Elite Bridge Tournament in China this week, representing USA (Seamon-Molson, Deas, Sanborn & Shi were four of the players on the USBF team that won the World Women's Team Championship in Wroclaw last year). There are 8 invited teams at the Hua Yuan tournament, with pairs competion and team competition.

teams day 4: USA wins!!

After 6 of the 7 matches in Round Robin 2, USA had clinched first place. They went on to win their final match and won the event by 30.53 Victory Points over second place France. For their victory, team USA took home $30,00. USA also won the prize for best overall performance, adding $10,000 to their winnings. CONGRATULATIONS! Vugraph record of match 7.

teams day 3: usa still first

With 2 of 14 matches to play, the USA team is 37.44 Victory Points ahead of France (USA met France in Match 3 yesterday; France won the 12 board match 41-17; the two teams also met in match 1 of Round Robin 1, which USA won 26-22). The Beijing Hua Yuan team is in third, 1.26 VPs behind France. Team USA will play China in match 6 this evening and Beijing Hua Yuan in match 7. Vugraph record of USA's Match 5 against England yesterday. Vugraph schedule with times in your time zone. For Dan Korbel's report on the Round Robin 1 match between USA & England, see page 3 of Daily Bulletin 5.

teams day 2: usa leads

Just past the halfway point of the teams competition (one complete Round Robin and 1 match of the second Round Robin have been played, the remaining 6 matches of the second Round Robin will be played on the next 2 days), USA leads Beijing Hua Yuan by 9.36 Victory Points. The USA team was on Vugraph in matches 6 against England and 7 against Italy yesterday, so if you weren't up in the middle of the night when those matches were played, you can click on the highlighted words to see the full bidding and play. And for a write-up of the USA team's first match of the event, against France, go to Daily Bulletin number 4, where Dan Korbel wrote that match up starting on page 2.

Teams Day 1: USA second

After 4 of 14 rounds of play (a double complete Round Robin) in the team event, the USA team was in second place, 5.35 Victory Points behind the Beijing Hua Yuan team. The two teams met in the fourth round of the first day and tied their match at 16 IMPs each. You can find full results from team play - for results of each round, click on the round number. For the scorecard for each match, click on the table number on the scorecard. The USA team was on Vugraph for the first match of the day, click here for the  Vugraph record.

Seamon & Deas win Pairs

The pairs event was yesterday & today (caught me napping, so I'm a little late with this article, but there wasn't any Vugraph from the pairs).

Janice Molson & Lynn Deas won the Pair event and will take home the $10,000 first place prize money. CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK in the team event, which will be shown on BBO Vugraph. For the time in your time zone, go to the BBO Vugraph schedule pageVugraph schedule page. On the tournament website you can find more information about the tournament and once the team event gets underway the Results page will have scores from each Round Robin match and the KO matches.


janice seamondeas2

         Janice Seamon-Molson                      Lynn Deas