Congratulations to team USA (Kevin Dwyer - Owen Lien, Jeremy Fournier - Mitch Towner, Roger Lee - Dan Wolkowitz on winning the silver medal in the BAM teams in Croatia! Well done!

All of the US players in Croatia reached the finals of the Board-a-Match competition. The USA and USA-U21 teams, both of whom failed to qualify for the Knockout Finals earlier this week (USA by the narrowest of margins - they were tied for the last qualifying spot and lost the tie-break), moved on to the Board-a-Match qualifying and semi-final, in which they ranked 6th and 7th after 3 days of competition. The top 8 teams qualified for the BAM final, where they will be joined by the 4 semi-finalists from the KO. Marius Agica, whose team (Ned-Rum) lost in the KO semi-final and then defeated the other losing semi-finalist to win the KO bronze medal, will  also be playing in the BAM final tomorrow. Good luck to all of our USBF Juniors in Croatia!