Matt Meckstroth, Robert Glickman, Dan Goldfein and Sam Katz first played together as a team in the 2006 World Schools Championship (21 and under), where they represented USBF. Last week the four again teamed up to play in the 0-1500 Spingold at the Nashville NABC. They played well from beginning to end, winning the event. Owen Lien, the captain of the team they defeated in the Mini Spingold was also on a Schools Team in 2006 - the Red team, and one of Lien's teammates, Mike Develin was on USA2 in the Youth (26 and under) Division of the 2006 World Junior Championship. Congratulations to all of these young men. We're proud that the USBF Junior program helped them improve and we look forward to seeing them on United States teams in future World Junior Championships and later in Open Championships.