The United States Bridge Federation junior program, directed by Michael Rosenberg, provides players under the age of 26 with USBF mentors to improve the quality of our junior teams in international competition. As part of the program, practice sessions are held on Bridge Base Online (BBO), where the juniors play team matches and the mentors analyze and comment on their play. The matches are 15 boards, IMP scored, and take about 90 minutes.

The program has recently instituted “Monday Celebrity Guest Night”, where, on the first Monday of each month, a world-class player sits in, partners a junior, and plays in a team match.

On Monday, June 12th, beginning at 7pm Eastern, the celebrity guest will be Eddie Wold.


                                                                        Eddie Wold, photo by Peg Kaplan


Larry Cohen and George Jacobs will provide commentary.

               Larry Cohen, photo by Peg Kaplan




George Jacobs
George Jacobs, photo by Peg Kaplan

Kibitzers are invited to watch by logging on to BBO, going to the “Vugraph room,” and joining the tables designated “USBFJR.”  


In January Geoff Hampson participated, in February, Brad Moss, in March Bob Hamman, in April Jeff Meckstroth, and in May Mike Passell.


            Geoff Hampson

            Geoff Hampson, photo by Peg Kaplan



 Brad Moss, photo by Peg Kaplan




                Bob Hamman, photo by Peg Kaplan


Jeff Meckstroth, photo by Peg Kaplan


    Mike Passell

In future months it is expected that the juniors will be joined by Bobby Levin and John Kranyak, among others.




   Bobby Levin, photo by Peg Kaplan


                     Mike Passell





 John Kranyak, photo by Peg Kaplan

The USBF is most appreciative of the voluntary contributions these top players are making.