After reading this notification, if you and a partner wish to be slated, please respond by hitting reply to this e-mail completing the following:

                 __        and     ____                    wish to be slated
and will play if selected.

The USBF has been asked to send its best Open team and Women’s team to the fourth SportAccord World Mind Games, to be held in Beijing, China from December 10th through the 17th, 2014. The Fall NABC in Providence ends on Dec. 7th. The USBF Board has selected an Open team based on submission of 6 person teams. The USBF will follow the same procedure that was used to select our teams the last 3 years to select the Women's team. Pairs are  asked to nominate themselves for selection and the players who competed in the finals of the last five Women's USBCs will rank those players. Click here to see the Women's voters' list. 

Four countries will participate in each event. The US and China have already been invited. We do not yet know who the other teams will be. There will be a team event, a pair event and an individual event. There is a substantial prize fund, as well as all expenses covered for the participants. Click here for more details of the event and the prize structure. Click here for answers to some questions we have been asked.

Any interested pair, who feels there is any chance they may be considered by their peers as a potential representative, may request to be included on the slate. Both players must be USBF Active or Resident members and must have paid their 2014 USBF dues. There is no requirement that a player submit his or her regular partnership.  However players should keep in mind that the voters will be ranking the best pairs, and a non-regular partnership may not be considered as highly as those players might be considered in their regular partnerships.

By choosing to slate your pair, you are indicating your willingness to play in the event, if invited.  The polling will take place about a week after the deadline for slating, with both the individual voting and the ranking of pairs completely confidential.

If you would like to be added to the slate, you must respond by August 20.  Just hit reply to this e-mail, enter your name & the name of your partner and say you wish to be slated. 

USBF Board of Directors