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Kennedy-Sutherlin System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

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Jacobs-Picus System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card


About the Players

Betty Ann Kennedy
  The “First Lady of Bridge” is how she is known to many. For years she had an amazing partnership with Carol Sanders and they won everything there was to win, including world titles. Then there was a stretch when she thought she wanted to retire but kept getting called upon to help out friends and now she is back with vigor. Her goal is to help the younger, less experienced players learn how to think, feel, act and ultimately become a champion. Her husband Jack wants her home but loves watching her win and help others to bloom. 
Peggy Sutherlin
  Peggy is an extremely talented bridge player who has devoted so much of her time to various committees on the National level. She was the first woman to serve as Chair of the ACBL National Appeals Committee and has also served on the Laws Commission, Ethical Oversight and Conventions & Competitions. She is married to John, with  whom she won the 2006 Grand National Teams and finished second in the 1982 World Mixed Pairs. Peggy & John are an integral part of the vibrant bridge playing community in Dallas. Peggy is a retired American Airlines flight attendant, whose hobbies include genealogy, a subject she has pursued for over 30 years and about which she has written several books and articles. She is a fierce competitor yet shows great class at the table.


Stacy Jacobs
   Stacy is mesmerized by the game of bridge. She cannot get enough. A few years ago she wanted to compete in her 1st LM Pairs, so she needed to become an LM. She flew to Florida for two days, won a Knockout (with help from her friends), flew back to Chicago and had to win the Saturday knockout and the Sunday Swiss to make it. She won them both and played every round of the Swiss. She has a National 3rd in the Women’s teams but is proudest of her Hawaii Nationals where she entered 3 National events and finished 9th in all of them, including the open Swiss. Her fan club of daughters Joanna and Kate and hubby, George, love to cheer her on.
Sue Picus
  Sue Picus was born in Wisconsin but fled after college and never looked back, now living in Manhattan. Former computer executive and now computer consultant and professional bridge player. She has won 5 World Team Gold Medals and one Silver as a player, one Gold medal as an npc (she says tougher than playing, by far!), and numerous US Womens and Mixed National titles. Currently ranked 750857th at Sudoku and Kakoru, which she plays compulsively. Married to Barry Rigal -- until she reads the above comments. 
Shannon Cappelletti
   Shannon has been playing bridge from birth, it seems. It is hard to remember her not being part of the bridge world. She has one National title and scores of regional wins. Shannon is one of the very few women who play bridge professionally throughout the year. She is hard working and very talented. On the surface a lovely young lass, but the fiery red hair comes into play at the bridge table. She becomes a lioness, protecting her cubs. She loves the Bulls, White Sox and Titans. Shannon probably plays bridge 300 days per year.
Jenny Wolpert