The Narasimhan team (with Irina Levitina instead of Rozanne Pollack)  won the 2007 USWBC and  Venice Cup. They are hoping to repeat their USWBC win in 2008.

System Information

Narasimhan-Pollack System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Levin-Meyers System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Rosenberg-Stansby System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players 

Hansa Narasimhan
  Hansa Narasimhan is a relative newcomer on the national bridge scene. Since her debut in the summer of 2004 she has won two national championships, won the USWBC in 2005, has two second place national finishes, and won the silver medal in the McConnell teams at the world championship in Verona 2006.
A native of Mumbai, India Hansa learned to play bridge there but played only occasionally while raising her three children. Daughters Anisha and Amrita now live  in New York. Hansa lives in Los Altos Hills, California with her husband Ashok and son Akshay who both claim she is the best cook in the world. Teammate JoAnna tends to agree, but would prefer to sample a few more dishes "just to be sure".
Rozanne Pollack
Jill Levin
   Jill Levin lives in New York with her husband Bobby and their 3 sons (ages  20,18, 16). The oldest, Shane, has recently taken up bridge and has already  shown great talent winning the 2 knockouts he entered at the Reno regional. He  is a 3rd generation winner in the family that includes 5 time world champion  Gail Greenberg (grandma), national champions Steve Shane (grandpa) Bob Blanchard  (father) Brad Moss (uncle) and King of bridge Andrew Moss.
Jill is a non practicing attorney. She has a written a novel, "Bet Raise or  Fold" (available on Amazon). Hobbies include skiing, tennis, and her beloved  Mets.
Jill Meyers
   Like to read, go to movies, travel, love NY Times Sunday crossword puzzles, into  sudoku, love my cats, have my own music consulting business for film and tv (with my four employees) - favorite work job has been ROCK STAR, a reality TV show. Brother-in-law is former world champion John  Swanson, husband Sid Brownstein is nicest guy in the world. Have law degree but don't practice, just like my partner. 
Debbie Rosenberg
JoAnna Stansby
   Bridge is by far my favorite endeavor.   Away from the table, I enjoy reading, hiking,  Wikipedia, puzzles, board games, and practice public speaking at my local Toastmasters club.   I don't read the newspaper or watch television - this occasionally puts me in some rather curious situations!   For my "day job" I work part-time as a pharmacist.  I live in Castro Valley, California with my husband Lew who is also my best friend and has been a great bridge coach for me. We have no pets except for Schroedinger's cat.