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Fireman-Cappelletti System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Seamon-Molson-Sokolow System Summary Form, Acbl Convention Card

Levin-Meyers System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Phyllis Fireman
  Phyllis tarted playing bridge in her early twenties, but relearned everything approximately 6 years ago and since then has become passionate about the game.  At first she played mainly in regionals and after being somewhat successful in that, she was convinced to play on an NABC Woman's Team. Her very first time playing in a national event, with Mildred Breed as her partner, her team won the Wagar Knockouts!  Recently she won the Machlin Swiss Team event in Houston, with the same team she's bringing to the 2009 USWBC. Outside of bridge, Phyllis is married to her wonderful supportive husband Paul, mother to 3 great children and grandmother to 8 beautiful grandchildren.
Shannon Cappelletti
   Shannon has been playing bridge from birth, it seems. It is hard to remember her not being part of the bridge world. She has one National title and scores of regional wins. Shannon is one of the very few women who play bridge professionally throughout the year. She is hard working and very talented. On the surface a lovely young lass, but the fiery red hair comes into play at the bridge table. She becomes a lioness, protecting her cubs. She loves the Bulls, White Sox and Titans. Shannon probably plays bridge 300 days per year.


Jill Levin
   Jill Levin lives in New York with her husband Bobby and their 3 sons (ages  20,18, 16). The oldest, Shane, has recently taken up bridge and has already  shown great talent winning the 2 knockouts he entered at the Reno regional. He  is a 3rd generation winner in the family that includes 5 time world champion  Gail Greenberg (grandma), national champions Steve Shane (grandpa) Bob Blanchard  (father) Brad Moss (uncle) and King of bridge Andrew Moss.
Jill is a non practicing attorney. She has a written a novel, "Bet Raise or  Fold" (available on Amazon). Hobbies include skiing, tennis, and her beloved  Mets.
Jill Meyers
  Like to read, go to movies, travel, love NY Times Sunday crossword puzzles, into  sudoku, love my cats, have my own music consulting business for film and tv (with my four employees) - favorite work job has been ROCK STAR, a reality TV show. Brother-in-law is former world champion John  Swanson, husband Sid Brownstein is nicest guy in the world. Have law degree but don't practice, just like my partner. 
Janice Seamon-Molson
  Janice is a member of one of America’s leading bridge families: she and her parents, brother, aunts, and husband (Mark Molson), have won more than fifty North American championships! A non-practicing lawyer, Janice won the Venice Cup in 2003 and the McConnell Cup in 2006, and has eleven North American titles to her credit. Her eight-year-old daughter, Jennifer Rose, is the light of her life. 
Tobi Sokolow
  Unlike many top players, Tobi didn’t learn how to play bridge until she was in her thirties!  Nonetheless, she has accumulated four world titles and 14 North American bridge championships, including the Life Master Pairs. A successful real estate agent, Tobi has recently taken up painting (watercolors). She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, David. Her proudest accomplishment: son, Adam, a restaurateur in Austin.