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About the Players

Marty Harris
HarrisMarty Harris Age:    46
Lives in:    Chicago, IL
Grew up in:    Beachwood, Ohio  (suburb of Cleveland)
Occupation:    Attorney.  Last year Marty started his own law firm, Harris & Affiliates.  He handles employment-related lawsuits everywhere in the U.S.  Most of the time he defends companies when they are sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, overtime pay, wrongful discharge, or the like.  He also represents individual executives and small business owners in a variety of employment matters:  negotiating their employment contracts or severance packages, litigating disputes that arise when a majority owner tries to fire one of his partners, or suing to obtain compensation the executive is owed.  He also has extensive experience with litigation involving non-compete agreements, misappropriation of confidential information / trade secrets (by former employees), and corporate “raiding."      
        Marty wishes his record at the bridge table matched his record in the courtroom, where he is still undefeated after 22 years of practicing law.  In the bridge arena, Marty has won several 0-5000 national events, and has come close in a couple of NABC+ events, but he is still pursuing that elusive first NABC+ victory. 
Other hobbies:    Avid golfer.  Also plays tennis and racquetball.  Enjoys other card games, too, particularly hearts and spades, along with many board games.  
Jake Morgan
Morgan2Jacob Morgan  
Ira Chorush
chorushIra Chorush, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Venkatrao Koneru
Dan Gerstman
gerstmanDan Gerstman  
Steve Landen
SteveLandenSteve Landen Bridge Accomplishments
1979 International Bridge Press Association Sportsman of the Year
Winner of  1990 & 2000 Wernher Open Pairs
Winner of 2002 Reisinger Teams
Winner of the 2003 United States Bridge Championship
Winner of the 2006 Cavendish teams
Winner of 2003 North American Open Pairs
Winner of 2007 Blue Ribbon Pairs
Winner of the Bronze medal in 2003 Bermuda Bowl World Championship representing the United States
NPC of  Bronze medal winning 2005 Bermuda Bowl World Championship representing the United States
4th place 2007 World Transnational teams
Winner of over 200 Regional Bridge Tournaments

Academic Accomplishments
Graduated Cum Laude 1979 from the University of Michigan, majored in computer science