The Diamond team reached the finals of the 2010 Trials, where they lost to the Fleisher team. Since then they've won the Spingold and Rosenblum. This year they're hoping to win one more Trials match than they did last year. They earned a bye to the Round of 8 of the 2011 USBC by winning the 2010 Spingold and finishing 5/8th in the 2011 Vanderbilt.

System Information

Diamond-Platnick System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Gitelman-Moss System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Greco-Hampson System Summary Form , ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

John Diamond
diamondJohn Diamond, photo by Peg Kaplan   
Brian Platnick
platnickBrian Platnick, photo by Peg Kaplan   
Fred Gitelman
fredgitelmanFred Gitelman, photo by Peg Kaplan   Though only in his early forties, Fred is the uncontested computer guru of the bridge world. Born in Toronto but now residing in Las Vegas with his wife, Sheri Winestock and dog Magic, he has revolutionized the hobby with a profusion of innovative concepts making the game available to people worldwide through cyberspace. A University of Toronto computer science student, he dropped out to play bridge and soon afterwards became a programmer for a bridge player operated software company. Together with Sheri, Fred founded Bridge Base, Inc. originally concentrating on educational bridge CD-ROMS but soon turning their attention to Bridge Base Online (BBO), the world's most successful online bridge service, as well as software for producing vugraph shows for live audiences and the Internet.
Brad Moss
bmossBrad Moss, photo by Peg Kaplan  Michael Brad Moss was born in 1971 in New York City. It should come as no surprise to find that he took to bridge like a duck to water - his parents are Mike Moss and Gail Greenberg.
Brad was named the ACBL King of Bridge at the age of 18. Two years later, he became the youngest player ever to win the New York Player of the Year title. Also in 1991, he was a member of the USA team that just missed out on a medal at the World Junior Teams in Ann Arbor, Michigan, finishing fourth, and won his first National title - the Master Mixed Teams. In 1993, he added to his tally by winning the Grand National Teams and the Life Masters Open Pairs. His current partnership with Fred Gitelman has shown great promise from its inception. In 1998, their team won the NABC Board-a-Match Teams and they finished third in the Cavendish Invitational Pairs. Since then, the pair has had much success, most recently winning the Bronze medal in the 2005 Bermuda Bowl and finishing second in the 2007 USBC
Eric Greco
 grecoEric Greco, photo by Peg Kaplan Eric Alan Greco was born July 21, 1975, in Englund, Florida. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Finance and Accounting and now lives in Philadelphia and works as an equity options trader on the Philadelphia Options Exchange.
In 1991, Eric won the North American Non-Life Master Pairs playing with his father, Philip Greco. Two years later, they won the Flight 'B' Grand National Teams.
Eric first represented the USA at the 1993 World Junior Teams in Denmark, aged just 18. He collected a Bronze medal there and, six years later, added a Silver medal from the same event. In January 2000, while still technically a Junior, he finished fifth in the World Transnational Teams in Bermuda. Last year, he added a bronze in the Bermuda Bowl to his medal collection.
Away from the table, Eric follows most sports.
Geoff Hampson
hampsonJeff Hampson  Geoffrey Hampson was born October 11, 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. He is the son of musicians. “Both parents have recorded and my mother has recorded several albums that have gone Gold,” Geoff told us. (His mother is 'Sharon' in the famed  Sharon, Lois and Bram.)
Geoff learned to count points at the kitchen table on his father's knee at around six years old, but he left the game alone until high school. “A teacher taught the entire class how to play by issuing a printout of most basic rules,” explained Geoff. “The class quickly became addicted, and I never found the cure. Both of my parents used to play, my sister is SLOWLY learning to play, and I have one niece or nephew on the way that I will probably teach to play.”
Geoff attended undergraduate classes at the University of Western Ontario, and York University in Toronto. He is now a full time professional bridge player. “I had no true profession after university,” admitted Geoff. “I had several temporary jobs until Bridge became a viable career.” He now lives in Los Angeles, California. When asked whether he has any pets, Geoff said, “Not currently, but I am looking forward to meeting my next cat.”
Geoff has played in seven World Championships - four for Canada and three for the USA. His first success came partnering Fred Gitelman as a member of the Canadian team that reached the final of the 1991 World Junior Teams in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A year later, he finished second in the Pan-American Games Open Teams in partnership with John Gowdy.
Geoff won his first major domestic event while just 22 - the Canadian National Teams Championship, playing with Gowdy (and Ed Bidson, David Lindop, Boris Baran, Mark Molson). A year later, having moved south of the border, he claimed his first NABC title - the North American Swiss, playing with Molson. In 1994, he won his second North American National crown - the Mixed Pairs in partnership with teammate Brad Moss’ sister, Jill Levin.
Away from the table, Geoff is a serious movie buff and an avid golfer. He can usually be found either on the course or in a theatre. He also studies the stock market and runs.