The Robinson team won the 2009 USBC, lost  last year to the Trials winners (Fleisher) in the Round of 8 and are hoping that with Fleisher not playing this year, they'll repeat their 2009 performance.


Robinson-Boyd System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2009 WBF Card

Woolsey-Stewart System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2009 WBF Card

Doub-Wildavsky System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2009 WBF Card


 robinson2Steve Robinson, photo by Peg Kaplan  Steve is the first player from the Washington, D. C. area to be inducted into the Living Hall of Fame (2003). As a teenager, he was intrigued by the game of chess and while at the Student Union at the University of Maryland, became exposed to bridge, the game that propelled him to great international heights --including victories in the 1974 World Mixed Teams, the 1986 Rosenblum Cup (World Team Championship), the 2000 World Senior Teams and countless other NABCs. Steve's administrative achievements are equally monumental. Besides serving as Treasurer of The Washington Bridge League and District 6, he authored Washington Standard, circulates a weekly email to approximately 1600 avid readers keeping them attuned to the local happenings and currently serves as Moderator of the bi-monthly Washington Bridge League Solver's Club. Before his retirement in 1996, Steve spent 32 years as a Programmer for the Department of the Army.
boydPeter Boyd   Born in the nation's capitol, Peter has lived in the D.C. area all his life. Serious in nature, he is a true gentleman in every sense of the word, and is dedicated to the lofty ideals of the game. He learned to play while in junior high school but his love of the game did not deter his pursuit of an education, graduating from Harvard in 1972. Peter's determination and hard work produced one of the longest-lasting successful uninterrupted partnerships with Hall of Famer Steve Robinson which has spanned twenty-six years. Peter retired as a computer programmer and enjoys his life as a part-time bridge pro and self-employed game consultant. His leisure time is spent playing internet poker and watching good movies. Though he has won three Vanderbilts, one Reisinger and three Grand Nationals, his greatest achievement was in Miami in 1986, capturing the prestigious Rosenblum Cup, one of the three major world team championships.
KItWoolseyKit Woolsey, photo by Peg Kaplan   A former Washingtonian, now living in Kensington, California, Kit received a Bachelor's Degree from Oberlin and a Master's in Math from University of Illinois. He learned the rudiments of bridge from his parents at age eight. Backgammon and gambling games are among his hobbies and he is quite proficient at the computer and beyond. Kit worked in programming for eight years and options trading for thirteen. His partnerships include Steve Robinson (1960-1978), Eddie Manfield (1978 till his death in 1999); and presently Fred Stewart. Kit serves asModerator and Technical Editor of The Bridge World Magazine. He holds many major NABC titles but his greatest thrill was the 1986 Rosenblum. However, his achievements also abound in the writing field, authoring Partnership Defense, Matchpoints, Modern Defensive Signals, How to Play Tournament Backgammon, etc. In recognition of his success at the table and other outstanding contributions to the game, Kit was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.
 stewart2Fred Steward, photo by Peg Kaplan  Fred, who lives in Bloomington, NY, is a stock broker. Perhaps his youthful, preppy appearance has a direct correlation to his passion for running marathons. He also adores playing bridge and savors fine food and exceptionally good wine. Fred admits to being an Army Brat, growing up in Fort Benning, Georgia. While attending college, he exhibited a natural flair for the game of hearts which eventually led to his attraction to bridge in the Seventies. Among his major accomplishments, he has the distinction of a double victory in the prestigious Cavendish Invitational Pairs (both times with the same partner, Steve Weinstein) and triumphs in the Life Masters Pairs, Men's BAM, Blue Ribbons and Reisinger. Fred's partnership with Kit Woolsley which tookoff in 1999 features an aggressive Big Club style that served them well over the past decade. Fred respects his partner as an outstanding theorist and a purist who has a great respect for the beauty of the game.
Doug Doub
doubDoug Doub   
Adam Wildavsky
 adamwAdam Wildavsky

Adam (b. 1960) of New York City is a graduate of MIT and a software engineer for Google, Inc. He's won six national championships and took a bronze medal in the 2003 Bermuda Bowl. He's the author of the "Keller" convention described by partner Steve Nellissen in the February 1991 Bridge World. He is chairman of the NABC Appeals Committee and vice-chair of the ACBL Laws Commission. He's also a member of the ITT Technical committee. Adam has written for The Bridge World, Bridge Today, and the ACBL Bulletin. His play is influenced by his study of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. He maintains a bridge section on his web site,