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Milner-Lall System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Berkowitz-Sontag System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Granovetter-Rubin System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Reese Milner
Milner2Reese Milner, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Hemant Lall
hlallHemant Lall, photo by Peg Kaplan  
David Berkowitz
berkowitzDavid Berkowitz, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Alan Sontag
Sontag10Alan Sontag  
Matthew Granovetter
GranovetterMatthew Granovetter Matthew Granovetter, born in 1950, first learned to play bridge while crawling under his grandmother's kitchen table. He played his first duplicate with his dad at the age of 12 and at 18 made the mistake of walking into the back room of the Mayfair Club. After that he was sunk. He dropped out of Rutgers University at 20 to play pro bridge. At the spring Nationals of 1971 he won his first National Open Pairs, and he was flying high. At the spring Nationals of 1972 he lost a 69-imp lead in the fourth quarter of his Vanderbilt match, and he practically fainted. Coming to his senses, he returned to Hunter College, where he earned a Bachelors and Masters degree in Children's Theatre. In the meantime, he won a silver medal in a world championship and then won the Lancia Cup in New York, defeating the legendary Blue Team. After great resistance through his 20's, at the age of 33 he finally got married. Luckily for him, Pamela directed his steps from there.

Together they launched the ACBL Monthly Partnership Bridge Column, wrote or published two dozen bridge books and edited Bridge Today Magazine for 20 years. During this time they discovered that G-d runs the show all along. They embraced Judaism and moved to Israel for 12 years, where they raised three children. In 2005 they returned to the USA, moved to Cincinnati, and rekindled their bridge-playing careers. Most recently, Matthew has won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympiad and will be defending this summer's Spingold Teams. In the fall he'll be defending the World Mixed Pairs title he won four years ago in Venice. Matthew and Pamela will be happy to host anyone to a Friday night Sabbath kiddish during any of these events. Just knock on their door. 
Ron Rubin
rubin2Ron Rubin, photo by Peg Kaplan