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About the Players

Bart Bramley
 Bart Bramley  
Lew Stansby
 Lew Stansby

Lew Stansby, former commodities trader and current professional bridge player, lives in Dublin, California, with wife and fellow national champion JoAnna. Since winning the Reisinger in 1965, Lew has won more than thirty national championships and five Open and two Senior world championships, and has finished second three times.

Most of these championships over the past thirty years were won in partnership with Chip Martel, but Lew also has an outstanding record with other partners, including wife JoAnna. Their most recent accomplishment was second-place finish in the North American Open Teams in Chicago, playing with Chip and Jan Martel and Kit and Sally Woolsey.

With new partner Bart Bramley, Lew won the Baze Senior Knockout and Roth Open Swiss at the 2013 Fall NABC.

Lew is a World Grand Master. Tall and softspoken, Lew is known for his love of games of almost all kinds and his incredible memory for bridge hands, even those from long-ago events he neglected to win. 

Ross Grabel
Ross Grabel, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Howard Weinstein
Howie Weinstein, photo by Peg Kaplan

Born in Minneapolis in 1953,  Howie lived in Minnesota for his first twenty-six years, then on to Chicago until 2001, spending time in Florida and California before moving with his wife Cyndi to Omaha in 2012. 

Howie designed computer systems for option clearing firms associated with the CBOE before finally joining many of his bridge peers in trading on the exchange floor from 1984 until his retirement in 2000.  

For 15 years, Howie’s regular partner was Steve Garner.  Howie has captured many NABC firsts and seconds and in world championships has finished 2nd in the 2007 Bermuda Bowl, 3rd in the 2000 Olympiad and 3rd in the 1998 Rosenblum. 

Howie has held key administrative positions -- previously chairing the ACBL Conventions and Competition Committee and presently chairing the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee. He is Vice President of the USBF and Chairman of the ITTC.  

One of his favorite bridge experiences was at a Chicago NABC a few years ago, enjoying a glass of wine after the evening session with several others, noticing the nine players at the table represented nine different countries.  He adds:  "Thought that was very cool and reflected what the spirit and camaraderie of bridge should ideally represent!"  

Howie is savoring his retirement -- playing lots of golf and table tennis and plays little bridge other than the NABCs, Trials, and occasional international opportunities.

Bob Hamman
image of Bob Hamman 

Robert D. Hamman was born in Los Angeles County, in 1938. He lived in California for several years early in his bridge career, learning much from the many great West Coast players of that era. He returned to Dallas when he became the sixth member of Ira Corn's Dallas Aces, and has lived there since. Most observers consider him to be the consummate bridge player, with a remarkable ability to focus only on the deal being played, irrespective of the circumstances. He is particularly noted for his tenacity and his never-give-up attitude.

Unlike many of the top American players, Bob has a job away from bridge too - he is the President of SCA Promotions, Inc, a prize promotion company in Dallas, Texas. Petra, his wife of 15 years, has won North American titles and was a member of the winning USA women’s team in Maastricht, while his son, Chris, is also a promising player. Remarkably, Bob even has time for a few hobbies - all games, sports and playing backgammon.

Roger Lee
Roger Lee