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Rose Meltzer
Rose Meltzer  
John Mohan
John Mohan, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd, photo by Peg Kaplan Born in the nation's capitol, Peter has lived in the D.C. area all his life. Serious in nature, he is a true gentleman in every sense of the word, and is dedicated to the lofty ideals of the game. He learned to play while in junior high school but his love of the game did not deter his pursuit of an education, graduating from Harvard in 1972. Peter's determination and hard work produced one of the longest-lasting successful uninterrupted partnerships with Hall of Famer Steve Robinson which has spanned twenty-six years. Peter retired as a computer programmer and enjoys his life as a part-time bridge pro and self-employed game consultant. His leisure time is spent playing internet poker and watching good movies. Though he has won three Vanderbilts, one Reisinger and three Grand Nationals, his greatest achievement was in Miami in 1986, capturing the prestigious Rosenblum Cup, one of the three major world team championships. 
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson, photo by Peg Kaplan  Steve is the first player from the Washington, D. C. area to be inducted into the Living Hall of Fame (2003). As a teenager, he was intrigued by the game of chess and while at the Student Union at the University of Maryland, became exposed to bridge, the game that propelled him to great international heights --including victories in the 1974 World Mixed Teams, the 1986 Rosenblum Cup (World Team Championship), the 2000 World Senior Teams and countless other NABCs. Steve's administrative achievements are equally monumental. Besides serving as Treasurer of The Washington Bridge League and District 6, he authored Washington Standard, circulates a weekly email to approximately 1600 avid readers keeping them attuned to the local happenings and currently serves as Moderator of the bi-monthly Washington Bridge League Solver's Club. Before his retirement in 1996, Steve spent 32 years as a Programmer for the Department of the Army.
Steve Garner
Steve Garner, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Ron Smith
 Ron Smith, photo by Peg Kaplan

Born in St. Louis in 1949, Ron's life was shaped by three unrelated attractions.  He is a celebrated musician, known mostly for his talent at the keyboard and at one time was a concert pianist.  He has also served as an Investment Advisor, but no one will ever be convinced that his first true love isn't bridge! 

Ron, by his own admission, says he "learned bridge from a series of mistakes."  Quite by chance, he watched some re-runs of the old Charlie Goren Championship Television Shows, got the book about the Series and found it fascinating reading.  That roused his interest and he was hot to trot!   His actual introduction to playing was unlike anyone else's story of how they broke into the game.  He laughingly confesses, "My sister, who was faced with the task of finding a boyfriend, had me playing in the local clubs and tournaments in St. Louis."   Don't know if his sister ever succeeded, but Ron's persona, modesty and achievements in the bridge world are recognized and admired.

His early partners included Norbert Kremer, Roger Lord, William Harvey and Ken Biand.  He won a Regional Pair with the then-sixteen year old Canadian Billy Cohen (son of former ACBL CEO) and the following day played with seventeen year old Bobby Levin and history found a way of repeating itself.  Back to back wins!. 

Ron sports six NABC titles, with twelve second place finishes and hosts of other titles. Ron won the Blue Ribbons in 1979 with Bobby Levin and the 1987 Reisinger Teams with Billy Cohen, Zia and Jaggy;  this win is among his fondest memories (and he emphasizes it was not necessarily about winning) because the '87 Reisinger Team boasted four different nationalities and had a team spirit comparable to none! 

Ron is a popular Bridge Professional and admits to just enjoying playing frequently -- probably three or four times a week and sometimes on line.  On his stays in San Francisco, if the opportunity presents itself, he makes it his business to play on Monday evenings at the Club Quick Tricks.  Ron has always taken an interest in Junior Bridge and its promotion and finds it both fun and rewarding to partner one of the juniors.