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Ware-Jones System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Parrish-Humphreys System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Peggy Ware
Spencer Jones
Greg Humphreys
Greg Humphreys

 Greg Humphreys grew up in Washington, DC and received degrees in Computer Science from Princeton and Stanford.  After teaching at the University of Virginia for 6 years, he returned to industry; he is now a Senior Software Engineer at Google working on the Chrome web browser. 

In addition to his regular job, Greg writes software for, a social network for bridge players. He also serves on the ACBL Technology Committee.

In 2014 Greg received an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement for authoring the definitive textbook on physically-based rendering. 

Greg currently resides in Charlottesville with his wife Cathy and two daughters, Isabel and Leila.

Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish

Adam Parrish grew up in Cincinnati and now lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He is a writer and a bridge player and teacher.He is also an administrator of and frequent contributor to