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About the Players

Jim Mahaffey
Judi Radin


Irina Levitina

Irina is the only person in the world to win world championships in both chess and bridge. She has won five bridge World Championships, including all of the Women's events (Venice Cup, McConnell, Olympiad and Women's Pairs) as well as the Transnational Mixed Teams.

Especially well respected for her declarer play, Irina was one of 34 world-class players (including only 4 women) invited to participate in the World Par Contest, a declarer play competition, held in connection with the 1998 World Championships in Lille, France. In finishing 14th overall (and first among the women), Irina placed ahead of such stars as Benito Garozzo, Chip Martel, Steve Weinstein, and Zia.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Irina was first taught chess as a young child by her father. By the age of 18 she was a member of the Soviet team and was the top woman at the chess Olympiad. At age 18, Irina also took up bridge, introduced to the game by Simeon Furman, her chess teacher (and Karpov’s) at the time. Immigrating to the US in December 1990, Irina co-founded the International Chess Academy in Teaneck, NJ, in 1997 (you can read more about the chess school and Irina's chess career at

Sam Lev
Pamela Granovetter
 pgranovetter  Pamela Granovetter is best known for the partnership-bridge column she co-wrote with husband Matthew Granovetter, which was published in the ACBL Bulletin for 25 years. They also co-published Bridge Today Magazine for 20 years. The Granovetters have also created a strong club system called "GUS" which they play with each other, Ron Rubin, Kevin Dwyer, and JoAnna Stansby.

he Granovetters have three sons, ages 28, 26, and almost-19. Pamela did not play bridge actively for 20 years, devoting herself to raising her sons -- and she loved every minute of it!

Since her re-entrance into serious bridge a few years ago, Pamela has had a great deal of gratification playing in regionals, where she regularly competes against great players from North America, Poland, Australia, Britain, Holland, etc.

Matthew Granovetter

Matthew Granovetter is married to Pamela.
They have three sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and grandson.

Matthew has among his professional credits: 
20 books and 20 years of Bridge Today Magazine.
He has won (with 11 different partners):
six national championships, the Cavendish Pairs and Teams, 
one world championship and three silver medals.