The Tournament Policy Committee makes recommendations regarding the Open, Women's, Senior & Mixed USBC.

The Committee meets primarily by discussion on the Bridge Winners USBF Tournament Policy Committee Forum and email, but occasionally at NABCs.
Those who participate regularly in discussions and are eligible to enter USBF selection events form the committee and vote on matters before the committee.
The discussions are OPEN to all. To become a member of the USBF Tournament Policy Committee Forum, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Current Chair of the USBF Tournament Policy Committee is Jeff Aker. 

Minutes of Prior Meetings

You can download minutes of meetings of the predecessors of the Tournament Policy Committee, the ITTC, WITTC & SITTC in PDF format to find out what has happened at those meetings. Minutes are available for the following ITTC meetings:

2000: Spring, Summer, Fall
2001: Spring , Summer

Spring, 2002
2002: Summer, Fall,
2003: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2004: Spring,  Summer
2005: SpringSummer,  Fall
2006: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2007: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2008: Spring,  Summer, Fall
2009: Spring, Summer

2010: Spring, Summer

2011: Spring, Summer

2012: Spring, Fall

2013: Spring, Summer, Fall

2014: Spring, Summer

2015: Spring, Fall


Minutes are available for the following WITTC meetings:

2002: Spring , Summer, Fall
2003: Spring , Summer, Fall
2004: Spring , Summer, Fall
2005: Spring , Summer, Fall
2006: Spring, Summer, Fall (See spreadsheets A, B-1, B-2, C for format section)
2007: Spring in Word (or PDF ), Summer, Fall
2008: Spring , Summer, Fall
2009: Spring, Summer, Fall
2010: Spring, Summer PDF, Word, Fall PDF, Word
2011: Summer, Fall
2012: Spring PDF. Word


Minutes are available for the following SITTC meetings:

2006: Summer, Fall
2007: Spring, Summer
2008: Spring, Fall