Two members of the USBF Board of Directors will be elected to join the Board in 2012. Each will serve a three year term ending January 1, 2015. 

The USBF Nominating Committee has nominated the following people for the two seats:
Active Member seats:  Sylvia Moss (incumbent)
                                     Jonathan Weinstein


In accordance with the USBF Bylaws as clarified in the Election Procedures, additional candidates may be added to the slate by petition, as follows:

  • 4.    Petition Candidates
    Active Members in good standing may be added to ballots by petition. A valid petition application form requires twenty-five (25) Active Member signatures. Petitions must be received at USBF headquarters no later than ten (10) days prior to the ballot mailing date.

The ballot mailing date is February 16th so the last day to submit a nomination Petition is January 27th.

If there are no petition candidates, the two candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee will be elected without need for mailing and return of ballots.