In accordance with the USBF Guidelines for Conducting Adjudicatory Proceedings, the USBF Board appointed an Adjudicatory Committee to hear charges against Huub Bertens relating to the USBF Invitational 1 Tournament in May & June of 2020. The conclusion of the Adjudicatory Committee's Report is:


"The USBF Adjudicatory Committee, after full and careful consideration of all the subject USBF Invitational hands and all of the other evidence, arguments, and testimony presented by the Parties and their Attorney-Advocates, unanimously finds, to its comfortable satisfaction, that Mr. Bertens is guilty as charged.



The Adjudicatory Committee of the USBF imposes the following sanctions.

Effective immediately, Mr. Huub Bertens is:

1. Barred from membership in the USBF until January 1, 2028, at which time he may re-apply for membership in the USBF;
2. On probation for a three-year period commencing on the date, if any, that he is re-admitted as a member of the USBF; and
3. Barred for life from serving on the Board of Directors of the USBF."


Click here for the full decision, in PDF format.