If you are having problems completing a System Summary Form, please read through these step by step instructions before you email or call Jan:

1. Log in. You must be logged in to the USBF site to work on a SSF.

2. Look under the User Menu - you will see "SSF or ASF" immediately abouf "Log Out." Click on that.

3. To start from scratch, click on "CREATE/EDIT SSF."

4. Complete the form. For some information about what should be included, see this memo. You can use !c !d !h !s (or !C etc) for suit symbols. Do not use the < symbol as that will mess things up.

5. If you completed a SSF at some time in the past and want to use that as a base for this year's form, click on the "COPY SSF" button at the top right of the form. Then select the previous form you want to use and click on SUBMIT. That will copy the form to this year's event. You can then click on "edit" to change it. Even if you want the form to be identical to the previous one, you must edit it once to put your partner's name on it.

6. Be sure to click on "SUBMIT" when you have finished. You can then look at the form as it will appear to others by clicking on your name on the "teams entered" list. You can edit some more by clicking on "SSF or ASF" and then on "CREATE/EDIT SSF" again.