System Information

 Hu-Zhou System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
 Campell-R. Xiao System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
 Huang-B. Xiao System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

 Michael Hu
Michael Hu

Michael Hu, 12, is a 7th grader at Miller Middle School in San Jose, CA.

He started playing bridge when he was 9 and has fallen in love with the game. He is a member of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Organization. His team placed 2nd in the Youth National Swiss Team in 2015.

He is very lucky and grateful for being able to be mentored by many experts: Barry Goren, Kevin Rosenberg, Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, and Howard Liu.

Besides bridge, Michael enjoys playing basketball and reading. He plays in his school basketball team and NJB all net.

 Arthur Zhou
 Arthur Zhou

Hello, my name is Arthur Zhou and I am 11 years old.

I am from San Jose, California and I like to play basketball and soccer. They are my favorite things to do apart from bridge. My partner is Michael Hu also from San Jose.

I am very pleased that I have to opportunity to work with many expert bridge players like Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, and Barry, and my mentor Li-Chung. They have all given me good advice that has helped me improve a lot.

I am looking forward for the junior trials in Atlanta and hope to have a good time there.

 Suzanne Campbell
   Suzanne Campbell, 12, lives in Pacific Grove, CA.

Suzanne has played card and board games for most of her life. When she was 3 and 4, her favorite games were Mamma Mia! and Can't Stop. She also played competitive chess for a while, and especially enjoyed the tournament aspect.

Two weeks before the Monterey Regional in 2014, she asked her father to teach her bridge so that she could play at the tournament. She earned 3 and a half masterpoints, including coming in 9th in the BCD Swiss. Since then she has played in many tournaments, including two NABCs where she competed in two national events (the Roth Swiss). She is a part of the SiVY Bridge organization, and joined the USBF mentoring program in June 2015.
 Rory Xiao  
 Rory Xiao I am a sixth grade student in San Francisco bay area.

My dad introduced me to bridge when I was in third grade. It was SiVY that brought me into serious bridge. SiVY bring kids together, offers fun bridge activities and makes us grow.

I have been playing for over 2 years.
 Kevin Huang 
Kevin Huang  Kevin is a 15 year old student currently attending Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California. He was introduced to bridge in Germany by his uncle and has enjoyed it ever since. He found Silicon Valley Youth Bridge in 2013 and started to play his first tournaments.

Since then, he has founded a bridge club at his school for new people to learn and play bridge. He has also participated in many Youth NABCs placing second in the team tournament in Chicago 2015.
 Brent Xiao
Brent Xiao Brent was born and raised the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School.

He was introduced to bridge at the age of 12 and is a part of the SiVY Bridge organization. He has played at the summer nationals in Las Vegas and Chicago and hopes to attend many more. Mentored by world class players Barry Goren, Debbie Rosenberg, and others, Brent is improving his play and hoping to find future success in the bridge world.