This page has pairings for the Cowboys Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the round has started. 


RR1 Round 1

Bishel v Schireson
Bitterman v Hung
Donn v Lo
Donnelly v Gupta
Donner v Moss
Feldman v Spector
Greenspan v Jacobs
Levine v Rosenthal

RR1 Round 2

Bishel v Donnelly
Bitterman v Gupta
Donn v Jacobs
Donner v Hung
Feldman v Levine
Greenspan v Moss
Lo v Rosenthal
Schiereson v Spector

RR1 Round 3

Bishel v Bitterman
Donn v Feldman
Donnelly v Donner
Greenspan v Schireson
Gupta v Rosenthal
Hung v Specot
Jacobs v Lo
Levine v Moss

RR1 Round 4

Bishel v Donn
Bitterman v Lo
Donnelly v Rosenthal
Donner v Levine
Feldman v Schireson
Greenspan v Spector
Gupta v Moss
Hung v Jacobs

RR1 Round 5

Bishel v Gupta
Bitterman v Donner
Donn v Moss
Donnelly v Spector
Feldman v Lo
Greenspan v Hung
Jacobs v Rosenthal
Levine v Schireson

RR1 Round 6

Bishel v Donner
Bitterman v Spector
Donn v Schireson
Donnelly v Greenspan
Feldman v Rosenthal
Gupta v Jacobs
Hung v Levine
Lo v Moss

RR1 Round 7

Bishel v Feldman
Bitterman v Moss
Donn v Levine
Donnelly v Schireson
Donner v Joacombs
Greenspan v Lo
Gupta v Hung
Rosenthal v Spector

RR1 Round 8

Bishel v Jacobs
Bitterman v Feldman
Donn v Greenspan
Donnelly v Moss
Donner v Rosenthal
Gupta v Levine
Hung v Schireson
Lo v Spector

RR1 Round 9

Bishel v Greenspan
Bitterman v Levine
Donn v Donnelly
Donner v Spector
Feldman v Gupta
Jacobs v Moss
Hung v Lo
Rosenthal v Schireson

RR1 Round 10

Bishel v Rosenthal
Bitterman v Jacobs
Donn v Spector
Donnelly v Feldman
Donner v Lo
Greenspan v Levine
Gupta v Schireson
Hung v Moss

RR1 Round 11

Bishel v Moss
Bitterman v Schireson
Donn v Gupta
Donnelly v Hung
Donner v Feldman
Greenspan v Rosenthal
Jacobs v Spector
Levine v Lo

RR1 Round 12

Bishel v Levine
Bitterman v Donn
Donnelly v Lo
Donner v Greenspan
Feldman v Moss
Gupta v Spector
Hung v Rosenthal
Jacobs v Schireson

RR1 Round 13

Bishel v Hung
Bitterman v Donnelly
Donn v Rosenthal
Donner v Schireson
Feldman v Greenspan
Gupta v Lo
Jacobs v Levine
Moss v Spector

RR1 Round 14

Bishel v Lo
Bitterman v Rosenthal
Donn v Donner
Donnelly v Jacobs
Feldman v Hung
Greenspan v Gupta
Levine v Spector
Moss v Schireson

RR1 Round 15

Bishel v Spector
Bitterman v Greenspan
Donn v Hung
Donnelly v Levine
Donner v Gupta
Feldman v Jacobs
Lo v Schireson
Moss v Rosenthal