This page has pairings for the Indians Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the round has started. 


RR1 Round 1

Bjerkan v Caprera
Dinkin v Simson
Harris v Hill
Lall v Reynolds
Lebowitz v Lewis
Meyers v Nadel
Nickell v Robinson
Silin v Stoltz

RR1 Round 2

Bjerkan v Nickell
Caprera v Stoltz
Dinkin v Silin
Harris v Robinson
Hill v Meyers
Lall v Nadel
Lebowitz v Simson
Lewis v Reynolds

RR1 Round 3

Bjerkan v Robinson
Caprera v Lall
Dinkin v Nadel
Harris v Lebowitz
Hill v Stoltz
Lewis v SIlin
Meyers v Nickell
Reynolds v Simosn

RR1 Round 4

Bjerkan v Lewis
Caprera v Lebowitz
Dinkin v Meyers
Harris v Simson
Hill v Nadel
Lall v Stoltz
Nickell v Silin
Reynolds v Robinson

RR1 Round 5

Bjerkan v Nadel
Caprera v Harris
Dinkin v Lewis
Hill v Robinson
Lall v Simson
Lebowitz v Nickell
Meyers v Silin
Reynolds v Stoltz

RR1 Round 6

Bjerkan v Silin
Caprera v Robinson
Dinkin v Lebowitz
Harris v Nadel
Hill v Nickell
Lall v Lewis
Meyers v Reynolds
Simson v Stoltz

RR1 Round 7

Bjerkan v Meyers
Caprera v Simson
Dinkin v Nickell
Harris v Stoltz
Hill v Lewis
Lall v Robinson
Lebowitz v Silin
Nadel v Reynolds

RR1 Round 8

Bjerkan v Reynolds
Caprera v Nickell
Dinkin v Lall
Harris v Silin
Hill v Lebowitz
Lewis v Stoltz
Meyers v Simson
Nadel v Robinson

RR1 Round 9

Bjerkan v Lall
Caprera v Silin
Dinkin v Harris
Hill v Reynolds
Lebowitz v Nadel
Lewis v Robinson
Meyers v Stoltz
Nickell v Simson

RR1 Round 10

Bjerkan v Hill
Caprera v Meyers
Dinkin v Reynolds
Harris v Nickell
Lall v Silin
Lebowitz v Robinson
Lewis v Simson
Nadel v Stoltz

RR1 Round 11

Bjerkan v Dinkin
Caprera v Nadel
Harris v Lewis
Hill v Silin
Lall v Meyers
Lebowitz v Stoltz
Nickell v Reynolds
Robinson v Simson

RR1 Round 12

Bjerkan v Simson
Caprera v Hill
Dinkin v Stoltz
Harris v Reynolds
Lall v Lebowitz
Lewis v Meyers
Nadel v Nickell
Robinson v Silin

RR1 Round 13

Bjerkan v Stoltz
Caprera v Reynolds
Dinkin v Robinson
Harris v Lall
Hill v Simson
Lebowitz v Meyers
Lewis v Nickell
Nadel v Silin

RR1 Round 14

Bjerkan v Lebowitz
Caprera v Lewis
Dinkin v Hill
Harris v Meyers
Lall v Nickell
Nadel v Simson
Reynolds v Silin
Robinson v Stotlz

RR1 Round 15

Bjerkan v Harris
Caprera v Dinkin
Hill v Lall
Lebowitz v Reynolds
Lewis v Nadel
Meyers v Robinson
Nickell v Stoltz
Silin v Simson