This page has pairings for the Moderna Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the round has started. 


RR1 Round 1

 Bishel vs Dawson
 Bitterman vs  Lin
 Carmichael vs Merblum
 Kolesnik vs Nickell
 Lo vs Parker
 Moss vs Reynolds
 Onstott vs Bye
 Rasmussen vs Rosenthal

RR1 Round 2

Bishel vs Carmichael
Bitterman vs Kolesnik
Dawson vs Lo
Lin vs Moss
Merblum vs Onstott
Nickell vs Rasmussen
Parker vs Rosenthal
Reynolds vs Bye

RR1 Round 3

Bishel vs Parker
Bitterman vs Onstott
Carmichael vs Moss
Dawson vs Rasmussen
Kolesnik vs Lo
Lin vs Rosenthal
Merblum vs Bye
Nickell vs Reynolds

RR1 Round 4

Bishel vs Rasmussen
Bitterman vs Merblum
Carmichael vs Nickell
Dawson vs Lin
Kolesnik vs Parker
Lo vs Reynolds
Moss vs Bye
Onstott vs Rosenthal 

RR1 Round 5

Bishel vs Nickell
Bitterman vs Rosenthal
Carmichael vs Rasmussen
Dawson vs Bye
Kolesnik vs Onstott
Lin vs Reynolds
Lo vs Moss
Merblum vs Parker

RR1 Round 6

Bishel vs Onstott
Bitterman vs Parker
Carmichael vs Reynolds
Dawson vs Nickell
Kolesnik SITOUT
Lin vs Merblum
Lo vs Rosenthal
Moss vs Rasmussen

RR1 Round 7

Bishel vs Reynolds
Bitterman vs Lo
Carmichael vs Kolesnik
Dawson vs Moss
Lin vs Onstott
Merblum vs Rasmussen
Nickell vs Rosenthal
Parker SITOUT 

RR1 Round 8

Bishel vs Merblum
Bitterman vs Reynolds
Carmichael v BYE
Dawson vs Parker
Kolesnik vs Rosenthal
Lin vs Nickell
Lo vs Rasmussen
Moss vs Onstott

RR1 Round 9

Bitterman vs Carmichael
Dawson vs Kolesnik
Lin vs Lo
Merblum vs Moss
Nickell vs Onstott
Parker vs Rasmussen
Reynolds vs Rosenthal

RR1 Round 10

Bishel vs Lo
Bitterman vs Rasmussen
Carmichael vs Onstott
Dawson vs Rosenthal
Kolesnik vs Moss
Merblum vs Reynolds
Nickell vs Parker

RR1 Round 11

Bishel vs Bitterman
Carmichael vs Dawson
Kolesnik vs Lin
Lo vs Merblum
Moss vs Nickell
Onstott vs Parker
Rasmussen vs Reynolds
Rosenthal SITOUT

RR1 Round 12

Bishel vs Moss
Bitterman SITOUT
Carmichael vs Rosenthal
Dawson vs Reynolds
Kolesnik vs Rasmussen
Lin vs Parker
Lo vs Onstott
Merblum vs Nickell

RR1 Round 13

Bishel vs Kolesnik
Bitterman vs Moss
Carmichael vs Lo
Dawson vs Onstott
Lin vs Rasmussen
Merblum vs Rosenthal
Nickell SITOUT
Parker vs Reynolds 

RR1 Round 14

Bishel vs Lin
Bitterman vs Nickell
Carmichael vs Parker
Dawson vs Merblum
Kolesnik vs Reynolds
Moss vs Rosenthal
Onstott vs Rasmussen

RR1 Round 15

Bishel vs Rosenthal
Bitterman vs Dawson
Carmichael vs Lin
Kolesnik vs Merblum
Lo vs Nickell
Moss vs Parker
Onstott vs Reynolds
Rasmussen SITOUT