This page has pairings for the Pfizer Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the round has started. 


RR1 Round 1

Baker vs Goodman
Donnelly vs Jacobs
Donner vs Lall
Hinze vs Martel
Joel vs Rockoff
Levine vs Smith
Robinson vs Bye
Schireson vs Zhang

RR1 Round 2

Baker vs Donner
Donnelly vs Hinze
Goodman vs Joel
Jacobs vs Levine
Lall vs Robinson
Martel vs Schireson
Rockoff vs Zhang
Smith vs Bye

RR1 Round 3

Baker vs Rockoff
Donnelly vs Robinson
Donner vs Levine
Goodman vs Schireson
Hinze vs Joel
Jacobs vs Zhang
Lall vs Bye
Martel vs Smith

RR1 Round 4

Baker vs Schireson
Donnelly vs Lall
Donner vs Martel
Goodman vs Jacobs
Hinze vs Rockoff
Joel vs Smith
Levine vs Bye
Robinson vs Zhang

RR1 Round 5

Baker vs Martel
Donnelly vs Zhang
Donner vs Schireson
Goodman vs Bye
Hinze vs Robinson
Jacobs vs Smith
Joel vs Levine
Lall vs Rockoff 

RR1 Round 6

Baker vs Robinson
Donnelly vs Rockoff
Donner vs Smith
Goodman vs Martel
Jacobs vs Lall
Joel vs Zhang
Levine vs Schireson

RR1 Round 7

Baker vs Smith
Donnelly vs Joel
Donner vs Hinze
Goodman vs Levine
Jacobs vs Robinson
Lall vs Schireson
Martel vs Zhang
Rockoff SITOUT

RR1 Round 8

Baker vs Lall
Donnelly vs Smith
Goodman vs Rockoff
Hinze vs Zhang
Jacobs vs Martel
Joel vs Schireson
Levine vs Robinson

RR1 Round 9

Donnelly vs Donner
Goodman vs Hinze
Jacobs vs Joel
Lall vs Levine
Martel vs Robinson
Rockoff vs Schireson
Smith vs Zhang

RR1 Round 10

Baker vs Joel
Donnelly vs Schireson
Donner vs Robinson
Goodman vs Zhang
Hinze vs Levine
Jacobs v BYE
Lall vs Smith
Martel vs Rockoff

RR1 Round 11

Baker vs Donnelly
Donner vs Goodman
Hinze vs Jacobs
Joel vs Lall
Levine vs Martel
Robinson vs Rockoff
Schireson vs Smith

RR1 Round 12

Baker vs Levine
Donnelly SITOUT
Donner vs Zhang
Goodman vs Smith
Hinze vs Schireson
Jacobs vs Rockoff
Joel vs Robinson
Lall vs Martel

RR1 Round 13

Baker vs Hinze
Donnelly vs Levine
Donner vs Joel
Goodman vs Robinson
Jacobs vs Schireson
Lall vs Zhang
Rockoff vs Smith

RR1 Round 14

Baker vs Jacobs
Donnelly vs Martel
Donner vs Rockoff
Goodman vs Lall
Hinze vs Smith
Levine vs Zhang
Robinson vs Schireson

RR1 Round 15

Baker vs Zhang
Donnelly vs Goodman
Donner vs Jacobs
Hinze vs Lall
Joel vs Martel
Levine vs Rockoff
Robinson vs Smith
Schireson SITOUT