Although the WBF has not yet officially postponed the 2021 World Championships, the EBL has canceled the 2021 European Team Championship because of travel restrictions in Europe that are expected to continue through the summer. The USBF does not expect to be sending teams to a World Championship in August of 2021, and has therefore postponed the USBF Selection Trials (USBCs).

We don't know when the WBF will hold the 2021 World Championships, so it is difficult to establish  dates for the USBCs that would give the qualified teams time to make plans and also have the USBCs as late as possible, when more people will be vaccinated. We recognize that people need to make plans even in these uncertain times. Therefore, we will hold the face-to-face stages of the USBCs either in August or October, unless the WBF completely cancels the 2021 World Championships. As soon as we have had an opportunity to discuss space availability with our host hotel in Schaumburg, we will post proposed schedules for August and October face-to-face stages, recognizing that only one set of dates will apply. We will also post starting dates for online stages, if those are needed.

Entry deadlines for the 2021 USBCs have all been extended to June 6. If the face-to-face stages are held in October, the entry deadlines will be further extended.

Thank you all for your patience with the uncertainties of this. We wish we knew more.