Pairings for each round will be entered after the deadline for submitting lineups. 


RR2 Round 1

Bishel vs Tebha
Hill vs Baseggio
Lusky vs Donner
Xiao vs Lewis
Zhang vs Stokes

RR2 Round 2

Bishel vs Baseggio
Hill vs Donner
Lusky vs Lewis
Xiao vs Stokes
Zhang vs Tebha

RR2 Round 3

Bishel vs Lewis
Hill vs Stokes
Lusky vs Tebha
Xiao vs Baseggio
Zhang vs Donner 

RR2 Round 4

Bishel vs Stokes
Hill vs Tebha
Lusky vs Baseggio
Xiao vs Donner
Zhang vs Lewis

RR2 Round 5

Bishel vs Donner
Hill vs Lewis
Lusky vs Stokes
Xiao vs Tebha
Zhang vs Baseggio