This page has pairings for the CEO Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the deadline for lineups to be submitted. 


RR1 Round 1

Bacon vs Zhang
Bauer vs Xiao
Beatty vs Rosenthal
Bishel vs Rasmussen
Carmichael vs Parker
Fox vs Nickell
Hill vs Naren Gupta Team
Lo vs Lusky

RR1 Round 2

Bacon vs Fox
Bauer vs Naren Gupta Team
Beatty vs Lusky
Bishel vs Lo
Carmichael vs Hill
Nickell vs Zhang
Parker vs Xiao
Rasmussen vs Rosenthal

RR1 Round 3

Bacon vs Hill
Bauer vs Parker
Beatty vs Nickell
Bishel vs Naren Gupta Team
Carmichael vs Lusky
Fox vs Lo
Rasmussen vs Zhang
Rosenthal vs Xiao 

RR1 Round 4

Bacon vs Beatty
Bauer vs Bishel
Carmichael vs Zhang
Fox vs Xiao
Hill vs Rosenthal
Lo vs Rasmussen
Lusky vs Parker
Naren Gupta Team vs Nickell 

RR1 Round 5

Bacon vs Bauer
Beatty vs Zhang
Bishel vs Xiao
Carmichael vs Rosenthal
Fox vs Rasmussen
Hill vs Parker
Lo vs Nickell
Lusky vs Naren Gupta Team

RR1 Round 6

Bacon vs Bishel
Bauer vs Fox
Beatty vs Carmichael
Hill vs Zhang
Lo vs Xiao
Lusky vs Rosenthal
Naren Gupta Team vs Rasmussen
Nickell vs Parker 

RR1 Round 7

Bacon vs Lo
Bauer vs Rosenthal
Beatty vs Rasmussen
Bishel vs Parker
Carmichael vs Nickell
Fox vs Naren Gupta Team
Hill vs Lusky
Xiao vs Zhang 

RR1 Round 8

Bacon vs Carmichael
Bauer vs Lo
Beatty vs Hill
Bishel vs Fox
Lusky vs Zhang
Naren Gupta Team vs Xiao
Nickell vs Rosenthal
Parker vs Rasmussen 

RR1 Round 9

Bacon vs Lusky
Bauer vs Zhang
Beatty vs Xiao
Bishel vs Rosenthal
Carmichael vs Rasmussen
Fox vs Parker
Hill vs Nickell
Lo vs Naren Gupta Team 

RR1 Round 10

Bacon vs Nickell
Bauer vs Carmichael
Beatty vs Bishel
Fox vs Zhang
Hill vs Xiao
Lo vs Rosenthal
Lusky vs Rasmussen
Naren Gupta Team vs Parker

RR1 Round 11

Bacon vs Rosenthal
Bauer vs Nickell
Beatty vs Naren Gupta Team
Bishel vs Lusky
Carmichael vs Lo
Fox vs Hill
Parker vs Zhang
Rasmussen vs Xiao 

RR1 Round 12

Bacon vs Rasmussen
Bauer vs Lusky
Beatty vs Lo
Bishel vs Hill
Carmichael vs Fox
Naren Gupta Team vs Zhang
Nickell vs Xiao
Parker vs Rosenthal

RR1 Round 13

Bacon vs Xiao
Bauer vs Rasmussen
Beatty vs Parker
Bishel vs Nickell
Carmichael vs Naren Gupta Team
Fox vs Lusky
Hill vs Lo
Rosenthal vs Zhang

RR1 Round 14

Bacon vs Naren Gupta Team
Bauer vs Beatty
Bishel vs Zhang
Carmichael vs Xiao
Fox vs Rosenthal
Hill vs Rasmussen
Lo vs Parker
Lusky vs Nickell

RR1 Round 15

Bacon vs Parker
Bauer vs Hill
Beatty vs Fox
Bishel vs Carmichael
Lo vs Zhang
Lusky vs Xiao
Naren Gupta Team vs Rosenthal
Nickell vs Rasmussen