This page has pairings for the Mayor Group in the Round Robin First Stage.

Pairings for each round will be entered after the deadline for lineups to be submitted


RR1 Round 1

Baseggio vs Vance
Bramley vs Tebha
Brines vs Stokes
Cappelli vs Rosenberg
Dawson vs Reynolds
Donnelly vs Lewis
Donner vs Levine
Greenspan vs Lall 

RR1 Round 2

Baseggio vs Donnelly
Bramley vs Levine
Brines vs Lall
Cappelli vs Greenspan
Dawson vs Donner
Lewis vs Vance
Reynolds vs Tebha
Rosenberg vs Stokes 

RR1 Round 3

Baseggio vs Donner
Bramley vs Reynolds
Brines vs Lewis
Cappelli vs Levine
Dawson vs Lall
Donnelly vs Greenspan
Rosenberg vs Vance
Stokes vs Tebha

RR1 Round 4

Baseggio vs Brines
Bramley vs Cappelli
Dawson vs Vance
Donnelly vs Tebha
Donner vs Stokes
Greenspan vs Rosenberg
Lall vs Reynolds
Levine vs Lewis 

RR1 Round 5

Baseggio vs Bramley
Brines vs Vance
Cappelli vs Tebha
Dawson vs Stokes
Donnelly vs Rosenberg
Donner vs Reynolds
Greenspan vs Lewis
Lall vs Levine 

RR1 Round 6

Baseggio vs Cappelli
Bramley vs Donnelly
Brines vs Dawson
Donner vs Vance
Greenspan vs Tebha
Lall vs Stokes
Levine vs Rosenberg
Lewis vs Reynolds

RR1 Round 7

Baseggio vs Greenspan
Bramley vs Stokes
Brines vs Rosenberg
Cappelli vs Reynolds
Dawson vs Lewis
Donnelly vs Levine
Donner vs Lall
Tebha vs Vance 

RR1 Round 8

Baseggio vs Dawson
Bramley vs Greenspan
Brines vs Donner
Cappelli vs Donnelly
Lall vs Vance
Levine vs Tebha
Lewis vs Stokes
Reynolds vs Rosenberg

RR1 Round 9

Baseggio vs Lall
Bramley vs Vance
Brines vs Tebha
Cappelli vs Stokes
Dawson vs Rosenberg
Donnelly vs Reynolds
Donner vs Lewis
Greenspan vs Levine

RR1 Round 10

Baseggio vs Lewis
Bramley vs Dawson
Brines vs Cappelli
Donnelly vs Vance
Donner vs Tebha
Greenspan vs Stokes
Lall vs Rosenberg
Levine vs Reynolds 

RR1 Round 11

Baseggio vs Stokes
Bramley vs Lewis
Brines vs Levine
Cappelli vs Lall
Dawson vs Greenspan
Donnelly vs Donner
Reynolds vs Vance
Rosenberg vs Tebha

RR1 Round 12

Baseggio vs Rosenberg
Bramley vs Lall
Brines vs Greenspan
Cappelli vs Donner
Dawson vs Donnelly
Levine vs Vance
Lewis vs Tebha
Reynolds vs Stokes 

RR1 Round 13

Baseggio vs Tebha
Bramley vs Rosenberg
Brines vs Reynolds
Cappelli vs Lewis
Dawson vs Levine
Donnelly vs Lall
Donner vs Greenspan
Stokes vs Vance 

RR1 Round 14

Baseggio vs Levine
Bramley vs Brines
Cappelli vs Vance
Dawson vs Tebha
Donnelly vs Stokes
Donner vs Rosenberg
Greenspan vs Reynolds
Lall vs Lewis 

RR1 Round 15

Baseggio vs Reynolds
Bramley vs Donner
Brines vs Donnelly
Cappelli vs Dawson
Greenspan vs Vance
Lall vs Tebha
Levine vs Stokes
Lewis vs Rosenberg