Teams Entered as of July 9th

The closing date for entries has passed, and we now have 6 teams entered in the FISU Trials. That means that the event will consist of a Round Robin of 7 board matches followed by three 32-board KO matches. You can see the time schedule in the Conditions of Contest or by clicking on "Schedule" under 2008 FISU TRIALS on the Main Menu.

USBF will be holding two Junior events in Las Vegas in July: The WBF TRIALS will select the USBF representative to the Patino Cup in Beijing this October; the USBF representative to the Damiani Cup will be selected from among the players in the WBF TRIALS; the FISU TRIALS will select the two USBF representatives to the FISU CHAMPIONSHIP in Poland in September.


The FISU TRIALS will be held Saturday, July 19th, Sunday, July 20th and may continue on the morning of Monday, July 21st if more than 8 teams enter the event.

Conditions of Contest

You can download the Conditions of Contest in PDF format. The event is also subject to the USBF General Conditions of Contest.  


Each player in these events must register on the USBF website, although you are not required to pay USBF dues. To enter the FISU TRIALS, a player must have been born between 1980 and 1990 and must have been associated with a recognized college or university during 2008.

How to Enter

To enter the FISU TRIALS, click here  after  logging on to the USBF site. Or click on "Enter 2008 FISU Trials" under the User Menu which appears in the left hand margin whenever you log in to the USBF website. There is no entry fee for either event.

Entry Deadline

To be assured of the right to play in either event, you must enter your team on or before Monday, July 7th. To attempt to enter after that date, you must petition the USBF to allow you to enter by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Time Schedule

The exact time schedule will be determined based on the number of teams in the event. The first session will start at 1:00 pm and the second session at or about 7:30 pm each day. If the event continues to Monday, the Monday session will start at 9:30 am.