Eighteen pairs entered the USBF Trials for Turkey. They played 3 sessions on BBO on Saturday and Sunday, May 16 & 17 (the bottom 6 pairs were eliminated after the Saturday sessions). The top 6 pairs will represent the USBF in the World Junior Championship in Istanbul, Turkey this summer. The 7th and 8th pairs will be alternates for Turkey. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!  Final standings (scores are total for the three sessions, adjusted for the number of boards played):

 Pair Score
Justin Lall-Jeremy Fournier 171.76
Matt Meckstroth-Kevin Dwyer  168.66
Kevin Fay-Jason Chiu 156.39
 Alex Hudson-John Marriott 155.93
 Owen Lien-Zach Brescoll  155.56
 Adam Kaplan-Cameron Shunta  148.98
Michael Lieberman-Alevtina Asarina  148.14
 Andre Asbury-Bryan Delfs  147.73
 Dan Wokowitz-Peter Zoogman  146.16
Robert Glickman-Sam Katz  145.46
 Monica Guo-Argenta Price 136.66
 Brad Haas-Blake Haas  129.68

 If you want to see the scores for each session, with results on each board and also by pair, go to:

Session 1: http://www.homebaseclub.com/hands/83-124249.html

Session 2: http://www.homebaseclub.com/hands/1332-124251.html

Session 3: http://www.homebaseclub.com/hands/1532-124258.html

 And many thanks to Homebase Club and especially Stephen Pickett and Ben Dickens for these pages.