The USA1 Under 21 team, Adam Kaplan-Zach Brescoll, Adam Grossack-Zach Grossack, Andrew & Richard Jeng came from behind to defeat Israel in their semi-final match in Tai Cang. They lost to favored Poland in a 180 board final to finish with the Silver Medals - Congratulations!!

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USA1 in the Under 26 Patiño Cup made the Knockout phase before losing to Australia in the Quarterfinals. USA2 in the Patiño Cup finished 13th in the Round Robin. USA2 in the Damiani Cup finished 11th in the Round Robin. The US Rona Cup team finished last in a small and therefore relatively strong field of teams of young women.

Congratulations to all of these young people for their performance in China and good luck to you all in the future.