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Moss-Zur Campanile System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Gwozdzinsky-Lewis System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Picus-Perlman System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Sylvia Moss
 Sylvia Moss is a Senior Managing Director of Human Resources and Administration at The Blackstone Group, a private investment bank, whose main offices are located in New York City.  Sylvia joined Blackstone in 1997 and is responsible for human resource policy and procedures, information technology, research and facilities for Blackstone's worldwide offices.

Sylvia was taught to play bridge at the age of 16 by her brother, who needed a backup when his regular partner was unavailable. She loves the game and has won 7 NABC championships. She believes that bridge makes her better at her job, and her job makes her a better bridge player. 
Migry Zur Campanile
G. Margie Gwozdzinsky
 Bridge is in Margie's blood. Her Mom played bridge while pregnant with her back in Gliwice, Poland,
coincidentally the town Joe Quinn, Shawn's husband, now works in. Small world!
Margie worked for major corporations in finance and with computers, until she realized in 1989
that work was interfering with bridge playing, and became a full time bridge professional.
In 1989, Margie's boss allowed her to take time off without pay to go to Perth Australia to win
the Venice Cup for the USA.
Margie says that titles are secondary to the pleasure she derives from besting tough opposition at the highest levels, which she has managed to do with some success over 40 years of competing.
When not playing bridge, Margie is a voracious reader, and also enjoys sports and travel.
Linda Lewis
 I recently along with husband Ironman Paul have taken to adventure travel.  Our latest trip was a trip to the Gallapagos.  Our next is mountain hiking in the Swiss Alps in July.  We've done such trips as Kayaking in Pacific NW around the Vancouver Islands, mountain hiking in Bhutan and Bungi jumping and hiking thri New Zealand.  Besides bridge and adventure travel I am an avid bowler and recently bowl on a very competitive team with Drew and Terry Casen.

 My  partner Margie and I are reinstating a past partnership with past teamates and a few new ones.  It is important for any team to like and have confidence in all your teamates.  Luckily  again I  have that kind of team.
Sue Picus
  Sue Picus was born in Wisconsin but fled after college and never looked back, now living in Manhattan. Former computer executive and now computer consultant and professional bridge player. She has won 5 World Team Gold Medals and one Silver as a player, one Gold medal as an npc (she says tougher than playing, by far!), and numerous US Womens and Mixed National titles. Currently ranked 750857th at Sudoku and Kakoru, which she plays compulsively. Married to Barry Rigal -- until she reads the above comments.
Linda Perlman