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Radin-Jacobs System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
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About the Players


Judi Radin
   A graduate of Columbia University, Judi Radin makes her living as a professional bridge player. She has been recognized as one of the top female players in the world for decades, and is a four-time world champion and winner of many North-American national titles. Her hobbies are theater and sports, and she is passionate about both. Radin lives in New York City with her husband Michael.
Stacy Jacobs
  Stacy is mesmerized by the game of bridge. She cannot get enough. A few years ago she wanted to compete in her 1st LM Pairs, so she needed to become an LM. She flew to Florida for two days, won a Knockout (with help from her friends), flew back to Chicago and had to win the Saturday knockout and the Sunday Swiss to make it. She won them both and played every round of the Swiss. She has a National 3rd in the Women’s teams but is proudest of her Hawaii Nationals where she entered 3 National events and finished 9th in all of them, including the open Swiss. Her fan club of daughters Joanna and Kate and hubby, George, love to cheer her on.
Mildred Breed
   Mildred Breed resides in Austin, a Texan born and bred. She began playing bridge at the young age of 15, taught by her father, James Boyce.  She became a Life Master in less than 3 years, and continued to enjoy playing competitively in the ensuing years. In between having 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren who adore her, she has won 15 national championships, and has won 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals in world championship play. Biography by Mildred's daughter Monica Snideman.
Marinesa Letizia
Pamela Granovetter
JoAnna Stansby
  Bridge is by far my favorite endeavor.   Away from the table, I enjoy reading, hiking,  Wikipedia, puzzles, board games, and practice public speaking at my local Toastmasters club.   I don't read the newspaper or watch television - this occasionally puts me in some rather curious situations!   For my "day job" I work part-time as a pharmacist.  I live in Castro Valley, California with my husband Lew who is also my best friend and has been a great bridge coach for me. We have no pets except for Schroedinger's cat.