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Welland-Bramley System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Chambers-Schermer System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Roy Welland
roy   Roy Welland lives in New York City with his wife Christal and two sons, William and Christopher. He is a securities trader and owner of the restaurant Cru, where the wine cellar is based largely on Roy’s personal collection. Since being named Rookie of the Year by the ACBL in 1986, Roy has compiled an impressive record. Recent achievements include winning the 2001 Reisinger, the 2003 Spingold, 2006 National Swiss Team, and 2007 Vanderbilt. He was 2007 ACBL Player of the year. When asked about his most enjoyable bridge achievement, Roy said it happened in Verona in 2006, when he was just one match away from playing Christal for the world title. He stood her up, but Christal made bridge history by reaching the finals, where she met another team that included a woman. You will often find Roy after the session at tournaments holding a large crystal wine glass. Rumor has it that if he offers you a sip, you’d be a fool to turn him down.
Bart Bramley
bramley3Bart Bramley, photo by Peg Kaplan  An MIT graduate, Bart grew up in Connecticut. He learned bridge at a young age (both parents played) and got serious in college. Among his wins are the Vanderbilt, the Reisinger, Blue Ribbon Pairs, LM Pairs and most recently the 2007 World Senior Bowl. In WBF events, Bart was third in the Rosenblum, fifth in the Bermuda Bowl, second in the Transnational Teams and second in the World Par Contest. He was also captain of the U.S. team in the Olympiad in 1996. Bart has served on several ACBL committees, writes frequent bridge articles, mostly for the popular magazine, The Bridge World, where he is a staff member. Bart now resides in Dallas with his wife, Judy, and their two cats.
Neil Chambers
 chambersNeil Chambers, photo by Peg Kaplan  
John Schermer
SchermerJohn Schermer, photo by Peg Kaplan