Jeff Wolfson won the bronze medal in the 2000 Bermuda Bowl, playing with Neil Silverman, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Michael Rosenberg & Zia. Jeff & Neil were coached by Larry Cohen for that event. Jeff  then took 10 years off from bridge to spend more time with his young children. Now he's back, playing with coach Larry. Teamed with Rosenberg & Willenken and Israelis Ginossar & Pachtman, they finished 4th in the Rosenblum, beating last year's Trials winners (Fleisher) in the Quarterfinal. They're hoping for another chance at the Bermuda Bowl in 2011.

System Information

Wolfson-Cohen System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, WBF Convention Card

Ekeblad-Rubin System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Garner-Weinstein System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Jeff Wolfson
jeff-wolfsonJeff Wolfson, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Larry Cohen
lcohen2Larry Cohen Larry and his wife Maria live in Boca Raton, FL, where he can pursue his fanatical interest in golf - he loves watching and also plays a sound game (11 handicap).   Although he is best known as a writer (To Bid or Not to Bid, his first book explaining the Law of Total Tricks, was the world's best-selling bridge book of the 1990s), Larry has also won two World Championship medals and 21 North American titles. In 1998 Larry and David Berkowitz came as close as it is possible to come to a World Championship without actually winning. In the World Open Pairs, they led throughout the five-session final, only to be overtaken on the last two boards. They also won a Bronze Medal in the World Team Olympiad. Larry began playing bridge at the age of six and became a Life Master at 17. He won his first NABC title, the Spingold, at 22. He has also won the Spingold again, the Vanderbilt, the Reisinger twice, the Grand National Teams, the Life Masters Men's Pairs, the Life Masters Pairs, and the Blue Ribbon Pairs a record four times. Larry has won the Cavendish Invitational Pairs twice and the Cap Gemini Invitational Pairs in The Hague once.
Larry Cohen has an extensive website here with information about himself and also lots of useful bridge stuff. Well worth a visit.
Russ Ekeblad
ekeblad4Russ Ekeblad, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Ron Rubin
rubinRon Rubin, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Steven Garner
GarnerSteve Garner, photo by Peg Kaplan Steve has a vicious, wicked and biting sense of humor. Plus he is actually funny. Steve, like Howie, emigrated to the U.S. from Minnesota, landing for 20 years in Chicago. He recently moved to Florida where he says that he was singled out by 11 hurricanes that attacked him in his first 6 months. While most who know him at the bridge table see an affable, pleasant, c'est le vie kind of a guy, try taking him on at the Acquire table where he becomes mean, sadistic and intolerable. Drew Casen was reduced to tears by this seemingly gentle man.
Steven is the best when it come to fashion, decorating, dieting and health tips. He even helps with the occasional bridge tip. But his absolute forte and passion is drinking fine red wine that has been graciously provided by Roy Welland. Steve learned early on that one did not need to dirty one's hands with lucre to enjoy the pleasure of great red wines.
Steven has 3 dogs and two wineglasses that travel with him wherever he goes. (not the dogs, the glasses)
Howard Weinstein
howieweinsteinHoward Weinstein

Born in Minneapolis in 1953,  Howie lived in Minnesota for his first twenty-six years, then on to Chicago until 2001, spending time in Florida and California before moving with his wife Cyndi to Omaha in 2012.

Howie designed computer systems for option clearing firms associated with the CBOE before finally joining many of his bridge peers in trading on the exchange floor from 1984 until his retirement in 2000.  

For 15 years, Howie’s regular partner was Steve Garner.  Howie has captured many NABC firsts and seconds and in world championships has finished 2nd in the 2007 Bermuda Bowl, 3rd in the 2000 Olympiad and 3rd in the 1998 Rosenblum. 

Howie has held key administrative positions -- previously chairing the ACBL Conventions and Competition Committee and presently chairing the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee. He is Vice President of the USBF and Chairman of the ITTC.  

One of his favorite bridge experiences was at a Chicago NABC a few years ago, enjoying a glass of wine after the evening session with several others, noticing the nine players at the table represented nine different countries.  He adds:  "Thought that was very cool and reflected what the spirit and camaraderie of bridge should ideally represent!" 

Howie is savoring his retirement -- playing lots of golf and table tennis and plays little bridge other than the NABCs, Trials, and occasional international opportunities.