System Information

Joel- Sokolow System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Seamon-Molson-Rosenberg System Summary Form, Acbl Convention Card
Levin-Meyers System Summary Form, 2Embarassed Advance Submission Form, 2Foot in mouth ASF, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Geeske Joel
 {mosimage}Geeske is a relative newcomer to the Scene.  She did not start playing Bridge until her early forties and after a couple of years "diddling around" she got serious in her quest to become as good as she can.  Before Bridge took over her life, she was a serious soccer player, got a Ph.D. in Biology, was deeply involved in the dog world and worked briefly as a puppy trainer.  Nowadays, there is only time for a little photography ( and walking the dog - the rest of the day is spent playing and thinking about Bridge - that is at least the impression her husband has.
Tobi Sokolow
{mosimage} Unlike many top players, Tobi didn’t learn how to play bridge until she was in her thirties!  Nonetheless, she has accumulated four world titles and 14 North American bridge championships, including the Life Master Pairs. A successful real estate agent, Tobi has recently taken up painting (watercolors). She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, David. Her proudest accomplishment: son, Adam, a restaurateur in Austin.    

Jill Levin
 {mosimage}Jill Levin lives in Las Vegas with her husband Bobby. Her oldest son, Shane, just won his first NABC title (the Grand National Pairs). He  is a 3rd generation winner in the family that includes 5 time world champion  Gail Greenberg (grandma), world champion Brad Moss (uncle), national champions Steve Shane (grandpa), Bob Blanchard  (father), and King of bridge Andrew Moss.
Jill is a non practicing attorney. She has written a novel, "Bet Raise or  Fold" (available on Amazon). Hobbies include skiing, tennis, and her beloved  Mets.
{mosimage} Like to read, go to movies, travel, love NY Times Sunday crossword puzzles, into  sudoku, love my cats, have my own music consulting business for film and tv (with my four employees) - favorite work job has been ROCK STAR, a reality TV show. Brother-in-law is former world champion John  Swanson, husband Sid Brownstein is nicest guy in the world. Have law degree but don't practice, just like my partner. 
Janice Seamon-Molson
{mosimage} Janice is a member of one of America’s leading bridge families: she and her parents, brother, aunts, and husband (Mark Molson), have won more than fifty North American championships! A non-practicing lawyer, Janice won the Venice Cup in 2003 and the McConnell Cup in 2006, and has eleven North American titles to her credit. Her eight-year-old daughter, Jennifer Rose, is the light of her life. 
Debbie Rosenberg