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Moss-Radin System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Zur Campanile-Stansby System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Sylvia Moss
{mosimage} Sylvia Moss is a Senior Managing Director of Human Resources and Administration at The Blackstone Group, a private investment bank, whose main offices are located in New York City.  Sylvia joined Blackstone in 1997 and is responsible for human resource policy and procedures, information technology, research and facilities for Blackstone's worldwide offices.

Sylvia was taught to play bridge at the age of 16 by her brother, who needed a backup when his regular partner was unavailable. She loves the game and has won 7 NABC championships. She believes that bridge makes her better at her job, and her job makes her a better bridge player. 
Migry Zur Campanile
JoAnna Stansby
{mosimage} Bridge is by far my favorite endeavor.   Away from the table, I enjoy reading, hiking,  Wikipedia, puzzles, board games, and practice public speaking at my local Toastmasters club.   I don't read the newspaper or watch television - this occasionally puts me in some rather curious situations!   For my "day job" I work part-time as a pharmacist.  I live in Dublin, California with my husband Lew who is also my best friend and has been a great bridge coach for me. We have no pets except for Schroedinger's cat.