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About the Players

George Jacobs
 At the age of 26, I was sleeping in cars or wherever I could. No permanent residence, no friends, no money, no place to go. I am a compulsive gambler. I spent 2 years staying with a friend and sleeping on his couch. I was estranged from my family, stole credit cards, checks and money. At the end, I would cash winning tickets at the track for strangers and accept the tax liability. 32 years ago I joined Gamblers Anonymous and have not gambled since. I have a pretty nice life today but never forget where I came from. There are meetings every week and I go regularly. Because I choose to speak about this, many bridge players and directors have gotten help for their own problems. That makes me so proud.In 1992, I was named Entrepreneur of the Year for Illinois. This was an Academy Award type of production and I was shocked that I won. They ask you to give a speech in front of thousands of people. I started out by saying that I had lots of experiece with speaking but it usually went like this: "My name is George J. and I am a compulsive gambler." The tribune carried a feature titled; "Ex gambler wins award".If you are looking for bridge history, I have won 5 majors, 3 reisinger 2nds, won the trials once with 2 2nds, 4 other national titles. I was captain of the olympic team in Salt Lake City, played in the China Cup twice, played in the IOC olympic showcase in Lausanne. I have a bronze medal in the Olympiad and I own 3 records in bridge:1) the 21 1/2 in the final of the national BAM for 82.69%
2) the largest national pair game score in history at 78.31%
3) the largest lead ever lost in the spingold semifinal of 71 impsI I am the auctioneer for the Cavendish and a viewgraph commentator at both live and on-line Vugraphs and once MC'd the Hall of fame dinner.
Steve Beatty
Roger Bates
Eddie Wold
A bridge professional living in Houston, TX, and Las Vegas, NV, Eddie is #4 on the all-time ACBL Masterpoint Winners' list with more than 50,000 masterpoints. He has won the Barry Crane Top 500 three times. He won a Bronze medal in the 1978 Rosenblum Teams in New Orleans. Eddie won the first two of his many North American titles at the same NABC in the summer of 1977, winning both the Grand National Teams and the Spingold. He has since added second victories in the Grand National Teams and the Spingold, as well as winning the Vanderbilt twice, the Reisinger twice, the Men's Board-a-Match Teams twice, the Master Mixed Teams, the Open Swiss Teams, and the National Open Pairs in 2005. This last win put him on the cover of Rice University’s alumni magazine. He has also collected the Mott-Smith Trophy three times and the Lou Herman Trophy twice for the best performance at an NABC and has more than 600 victories in Regional events to his credit.
Neil Chambers
John Schermer