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Lee-Demirev System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Garner-Weinstein System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

 System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

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Roger Lee
Roger LeeRoger Lee, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Nik Demirev
demirev3Nik Demirev, photo by Peg Kaplan  
Steve Garner
Howard Weinstein

Born in Minneapolis in 1953,  Howie lived in Minnesota for his first twenty-six years, then on to Chicago until 2001, spending time in Florida and California before moving with his wife Cyndi to Omaha in 2012.

Howie designed computer systems for option clearing firms associated with the CBOE before finally joining many of his bridge peers in trading on the exchange floor from 1984 until his retirement in 2000.  

For 15 years, Howie’s regular partner was Steve Garner.  Howie has captured many NABC firsts and seconds and in world championships has finished 2nd in the 2007 Bermuda Bowl, 3rd in the 2000 Olympiad and 3rd in the 1998 Rosenblum. 

Howie has held key administrative positions -- previously chairing the ACBL Conventions and Competition Committee and presently chairing the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee. He is Vice President of the USBF and Chairman of the ITTC.  

One of his favorite bridge experiences was at a Chicago NABC a few years ago, enjoying a glass of wine after the evening session with several others, noticing the nine players at the table represented nine different countries.  He adds:  "Thought that was very cool and reflected what the spirit and camaraderie of bridge should ideally represent!" 

Howie is savoring his retirement -- playing lots of golf and table tennis and plays little bridge other than the NABCs, Trials, and occasional international opportunities.