Mark Lair has withdrawn from the Senior Team that won the Senior USBC and was nominated to represent the USBF in the 2016 World Bridge Series in Wroclaw, Poland. In accordance with USBF General Conditions of Contest requirements when a player withdraws, the USBF Credentials Committee and USBF Board have reaffirmed the nomination of the remaining members of the team as the USA team for the Senior Teams in Wroclaw and have also approved the team's request to add Chip Martel to the team, to play with Bob Hamman.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU and to our other teams in Wroclaw!

2016 Hamman NPC team

Bob Hamman, Reese Milner, Petra Hamman (NPC), Jeff Meckstroth, Hemant Lall, Mark Lair, Zia Mahmood

Chip Martel3

Chip Martel